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Legend of

Santo Tomas

The Orchards of Santo Tomas began with 30 acres of land handed down to Thomas McCulloch located just outside of Castroville, Texas. The land (mostly cow pasture) had been under used for many years.  Pondering the possibilities for the land, Thomas heard stories about Texas Oil (Olive Oil that is)  and decided his “cow pasture” would make a nice Olive Orchard.  Dr. Thomas McCulloch is a Dentist in the Houston area whose patients christened him  “Santo Tomas”  out of gratitude. Thus he named his orchards after their affectionate pseudo name .                                                                            

The Legend of Santo Tomas


255 Country Road 477

Castroville, Texas 78009



106 Bay Colony DR.

 LaPorte, Texas 77571

Early on, a hard winter freeze threatened the crop , Thomas lost several trees and it stunting the growth of a few more but by the fall of  2009 the family and friends gathered again for the first harvest.  The trees were young and the harvest was small just 175 lbs. which they pressed and bottled themselves.  Each year the harvest got bigger. By fall of 2012 he harvested 3,800 lbs. and 2016 he began milling his own crop.                                             . 





       ...And so it began with the help of a lot of friends and family.

Rebecca McCulloch, CFO giving some

of the help a ride

He visited other orchards here in Texas and then went to California to see how the “big guys” do it. There was a lot to learn, but he had the land and the warm Texas sun.  He learned about the variety of olive trees and that they were drought tolerant but needed lots of nitrogen. That lead to soil test and the next big adventure picking out trees.  Several varieties were chosen  Picual, Mission, Arbequina and Manzanilla totaling just over 300 trees planted on 25 of his 30 acres (5 acres reserved for growing grandsons).